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The Wally Dolly and Track System is the most versatile and affordable dolly available in Australia.  It allows the camera operator to have complete control of each dolly move, as no other operator is required.

The Wally Dolly comes complete with a 3 metre track system with low boy and tripod rope ratchet suitable for lightweight to shoulder mount cameras.  This unique track system is made of aluminium and each section simply screws together by Acetal male and female plugs to form a SEAMLESS JOINT.

The lightweight and compact design of the Wally Dolly and track system make it portable and minimal setup time is required.

The complete Wally Dolly kit weighs only 8 kilograms.

Kit Includes

• Dolly Base (2 Parts)
• 8 x Straight Track Section
• 1 x Low Boy Camera Mount
• 2 x Rubber Track Stops
• 2 x Track pad
• 2 x Track pad Extension
• 1 x Ratchet Tie Down
• 2 x Thumb Screws
• 1 x Washer
• 1 x Cleaning Cloth


• The low boy camera mount kit is available for those hard to get low shots.
• It attaches directly onto the Wally Dolly in seconds and has a 100mm bowl suitable for most ENG pan and tilt heads.

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£55.00 per day

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