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Easily mounted to your camera, nanoFlash is designed to record higher quality images than the camera itself, by capturing never-compressed video/audio from the HD-SDI or HDMI output. NanoFlash utilizes the very high-quality Sony XDCAM 422 CODEC, recording the video/audio onto affordable and readily available Compact Flash Media, at up to 160Mbps (Long-GOP) or 220 Mbps (I-Frame). The footage can be stored in either Quicktime (MOV), MXF, or MPG file formats.

Kit includes

• Convergent Design Nanoflash
• DC EX3 Power Cable/Hi Rose + DC split cable( XE 68)
• Right Angle BNC Adaptor
• Short BNC Cable
• XE 62 Power Cable
• XE 67 Dummy Battery
• XV04 Tally Light & Remote Cable


• Master Quality I-Frame Only 4:2:2 @ 220 Mbps or XDCAM 422 @ 160 Mbps
• Maintain outstanding video quality - benefit from the virtual elimination of motion-artifacts, mosquito noise and keying problems. Master Quality XDCAM 422 recordings are, in tests by Convergent-Design, visually indistinguishable from uncompressed.
• 24bit/48K audio: embedded or analog inputs, headphone/line output, level meters
• 2 CompactFlash slots for recording media
• Up to 2.5 hours of recording time without swapping cards (@50Mbps using 2 x 32Gb CompactFlash cards)
• Quicktime and MXF File Format for easy transfer to leading NLE programs, including Final Cut Pro, Avid, Edius and Vegas Pro
• Camera mountable, silent, ALL solid state design
• Robust and lightweight, weighing just 400g
• Low power, 6 Watts, using a locking connector
• Can be used with optional battery pack (6.5 - 20V, 7.5W active/ 0.2W standby)

Technical Specifications

Selectable Quality / Record Rates:
  Master Quality - I-Frame Only : 160 Mbps 4:2:2 I-Frame Full-Raster; 1.24 GB/Min
  Master Quality - Long GOP : 100 Mbps 4:2:2 Long-GOP Full-Raster; 0.8 GB/Min
  Broadcast TV Mode: 50 Mbps 4:2:2 Long-GOP Full-Raster; 0.4 GB/Min
  Proxy Mode: 19 Mbps 4:2:0 Long-GOP 1440x1080; 0.15 GB/Min
NLE Support :
  Final Cut Pro: All Formats
  Avid Media Composer: All Formats
  Edius: All Formats
  Matrox Axio: All Formats
  Vegas: Long-GOP Formats only
  Premiere: 35 Mbps 4:2:0 only
  Play / Edit directly from the Compact Flash Card
  No transcode or data re-wrap required
  Tapeless workflow: no ingest, metadata support
Applications :
  Upgrade the built-in recording capability of your existing camera
  4:2:0 to 4:2:2
  25/35 Mbps to 100/160 Mbps
  Long-GOP and I-Frame
  Upgrade to tapeless workflow, Video Assist

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£45.00 per day

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