NextoDI NVS2525 portable storage and field backup

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NextoDI NVS2525 builds on the reputation of previous NextoDI hardware with 50% greater internal capacity, increased data copy performance and verification, dedicated SxS andP2 card slots and the ability to copy (mirror) back up data to two seperate HDDs at once (via MCopy).

Designed for fast, secure and reliable backup and data-wrangling of tapeles media formats on location or in the studio, NVS2525 is expandable via exteranal eSATAp or USB storage devices and the perfect shooting partner for professional cameramen recording on SxS and P2 media.

Kit includes

• NVS2525 (750GB) main unit
• USB cable
• AC power adapter
• Shock protection rubber bumper
• Manual
• Firewire cable
• AA battery holder
• Cigar jack charger cable
• External USB/eSATAp 750GB HDD
• eSATAp cable (power and data over eSATA)
• Carrying bag
• Leather case
• External battery and cable
• CF card adapter
• eSATA cable


• Direct SxS and P2 card slots
• Preview Video files and Photo clip
• Backup speed up to 80Mb/s
• Verification speed up to 86MB/s
• M-Copy: Parallel processing. Simultaneously writes onto internal and external drives for 2 mirrored copies at average speed of 80MB per second
• Support eSATA (or USB 2.0) external hard drives via eSATA host (or USB host)
• Internal & External rechargeable battery
• Backup menu: Fast Copy, Copy & Verify, Safe Copy
• Bad sector recovery
• Computer interface: USB 2.0 & FireWire 800
• Rugged design

Technical Specifications

Model Number                                              NVS2525
LCD                                                                            2.4inch TFT LCD 320x240, 64k colours
Video Preview AVC Intra 100, AVC Intra50, AVC H
                                                                                                   Canon MPEG-2 Full HD, MOV(H.264)
  Convergent Design MPEG-2 Full HD
  DVC CAM, DVCPro, DVCPro 50, DV
  HDV (MPEG-2 long GOP)
  Ikegami MPEG-2 Full HD (MPEG-2 long GOP)
  JVC MPEG-2 Full HD (MPEG-2 long GOP)
Card Slots SXS - ExpressCard/34 compatible as per SxS Spec
  P2- Supports P2 and P2E cards
Backup Speed (avg)                                                            SxS 80MB/s, P2 60MB/s, P2E 70MB/s
  CF 78MB/s (with supplied adapter)
External Hard Drive Support eSATAp: 3Gbit/s, USB 2.0 480Mbit/s
Battery Internal - 3.7v 4600mA rechargeable Li-Poly (120 mins)
  External - AA battery holder for recharging internal battery
AC Power Adapter Input - 100-240V AC, Output - 12V/1A DC
Bus Power Operation Operate with USB bus power o Firewire cable power
Computer Interface USB2.0 - 480Mbit/s, FireWire 800Mbit/s
File System Format Internal HDD - FAT32, Memory Card (inc. SxS) FAT12/16/32
Dimensions 154mm x 91mm x 33mm
Weight 430g/15.1oz (with HDD)

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