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The Ninja 2 an advanced HDMI smart production recorder, monitor and playback deck. It has been carefully crafted to deliver the ultimate experience in simple operation and mission critical reliability. The Ninja 2 combines multiple devices – external monitor, capture card, playback deck and cut edit suite – into a single affordable tool.

It’s lightweight, tough and robust for operation in the field.

Record direct to Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD editing codecs onto commodity 2.5” hard discs at the camera, saving you on media costs, time for capturing and of course giving higher quality from any MPEG-based camera.

Atomos teamed up with all the leading camera manufacturers, including Canon and Sony to give you frame accurate timecode and start/stop triggers over HDMI from popular HDMI cameras like the Canon C100, 5D MKIII, and the Sony FS700.

The Atomos Ninja offers you the codec choice– Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD.  This gives you universal non-linear editing support. Both are routinely used for film and TV production, as well as ProAV, event and independent film making.

With Ninja 2 you get focus peaking with multiple levels and colours for ease of use, false coluor in two modes, zebra 0-100% fully adjustable and blue-only for that quick exposure check!

Kit Includes 

  • Atomos Ninja 2
  • 2 x SSD drives
  • Camera mount
  • SSD dock
  • 4 x batteries
  • Carry case


  • Capture content in real-time directly from the camera sensor and encode it to Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD formats, eliminating the lossy, time consuming capture-to-edit process. Bypass the image-degrading compression of in-camera flash storage and use limitless and cheap storage on removable 2.5 inch hard disks.
  • The AtomOS operating system driving the Ninja-2 allows access to all functions through a fast and responsive touch-screen interface. SmartMonitor helps you accurately assess focus and exposure with focus peaking, adjustable zebra, false colour twin mode, blue-only exposure check and adjustments for individual filters. SmartLog allows you to get started on post-production in the field by logging and pre-editing your footage on the fly.
  • The Ninja-2 is built from aircraft-grade aluminium. It’s light and can be mounted almost anywhere. All accessories come in a rugged case: batteries, chargers, disk caddies and a PC/Mac docking station.
  • Continuous Power allows you to unplug the depleted battery and replace it with a fully charged one without interrupting recording. The Ninja-2 comes with an AC power adaptor and Lithium Ion camera battery.

Technical Specifications 

Light Weight 370g / 13oz (without batteries & HDD)    
  670g / 23.5oz (with batteries & HDD)    
Dimensions (without batteries) 115(W)x87(H)x41(D)mm    
Construction Aircraft grade aluminium for durability + portability. Fanless for silent operation.    
Operating Power 3.0W (Monitoring Only) / 6.0W (Rec, Mon & Play)    
Batteries 7.2V-14.4V Battery System Compatible    
  any source    
  NP Series    
  and supporting accessories    
All 7.4v 1. 2600mAh - Up to 10hrs    
  2. 5200mAh - Up to 20hrs    
  3. 7800mAh - Up to 30hrs    
  4. AC Adaptor (included)    
  5. D-Tap Adaptor (sold separately)    
Continuous Power* Primary-Secondary battery system.    
  Change batteries without losing power.    
  Loop batteries continuously. *Patent Pending    
Touchscreen Size: 4.3” diagonal. Resolution: 800x480.    
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 native / 4:3 Letterbox. SMPTE Colour Specification    
Native Frame Rate Playback (48-60Hz)    
Video Input HDMI x 1 , HDMI 1.4    
Uncompressed 10/8-bit 4:2:2 HD-SDI/SD-SDI    
Simultaneously displayed on internal 4.3” Ninja-2 screen (with optional Connect SDI > HDMI converter)    
Video Out Reclocked, ultra low jitter professional grade HDMI output, “HDMI 1.4”    
Supported Formats (In/Out)      
  HD 1080i60    
  SD 486i59.94    
  pSF - Progressive Segmented Frame modes are recorded to Progressive rates    
  Most HDMI cameras output 24P, 25P and 30P as 50i or 60i    
Realtime Hardware Encoding      
1920x1080 8/10-bit 4:2:2 to:      
ProRes HQ - 220Mbps    
  422 - 150Mbps    
  LT - 100Mbps    
Avid DNxHD Avid DNxHD-220X - 220Mbps (10-bit)    
  Avid DNxHD-220 - 220Mbps (8-bit)    
  Avid DNxHD-145 - 145Mbps (8-bit)    
  Avid DNxHD-36 - 36Mbps (proxy)    
Audio input HDMI 2 channel + 2 analog channels with gain controls    
Audio Output HDMI 2 channel    
  Analog line and Headphone    
Timecode Sony and Canon compatible HDMI timecode in and out    
Recording Time HDD & SSDs are hot swappable on the fly in the field    
Edit Formats (I-Frame Only, 422, 8/10-bit)    
  250GB 500GB 1TB
ProRes® HQ (10-bit, 220Mbps) 2.5 hrs 5 hrs 10 hrs
Avid DNxHD-220x (10 bit, 220Mbps) 2.5 hrs 5 hrs 10 hrs
ProRes® 422 (10 bit, 150Mbps) 4 hrs 8 hrs 16 hrs
Avid DNxHD-145 (8 bit, 145Mbps) 4 hrs 8 hrs 16 hrs
ProRes® LT (10 bit, 100Mbps) 5.5 hrs 11 hrs 22 hrs
Avid DNxHD-36 (36Mbps) 15 hrs 30 hrs 61 hrs
SD not supported by Avid DNxHD      


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