Tango Roller 2.2m Kit

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The Tango Roller is neither a slider nor a glider but it has the same functions. It is a roller as it runs on special wheels. The two main disadvantages of most slider/glider systems are the noise and more importantly the rough and noticeable movement. The Roller with wheels has a smoother travel performance than a slider using ball bearings.

Kit Includes

  • 1.0m Tango Track
  • 1.2m Tango Track with centre mount
  • 100mm or 75mm bowl
  • 2 x 28mm Spigots
  • 2 x Monopods for centremounted stabilisation ONLY
  • 2 x Magnetic end stops
  • 3 x Sleepers with floor leveling feet
  • Tango Roller dolly
  • Universal fluid head tie down

Additional options:

  • 1.5m Tango Track
  • 150mm or Mitchell head adaptors
  • 28mm Spigots with angle ball joints for sloped angle shoots


  • Taking the same approach as the legendary and benchmark setting TwinDolly, the Tango system is designed for camera weighing up to 15kg / 33lbs. The weight limitation is due to a much lighter design than its big brother. Therefore the base kit weighs as little as 8kg / 17.6lbs and includes a 1.20m length of track and a Tripod adapter allowing the track to be mounted on a Tripod, the Tango roller and the end stops.
  • Extendable from 1.2m to 2m without any 'bump' at the connecting points
  • The Tango roller can also be operated upside down in an under slung mode.

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£80.00 per day

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