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The Sony XQD G Series card is the best performing XQD card and suited to recording 4K footage, having Sony's unique Speed-Degradation Avoiding Function for extra recording stability. It has an ultra-fast 400MB/s read speed and write speeds of up to 350MB/s. It is also ideal for high speed burst shooting on DSLR cameras. It has an Intelligent Controller function for extra reliability and is tough enough to withstand extreme environments.

Kit includes



Fast recording media for professional use
Sony XQD G Series has a reading speed of 400MB/s and a writing speed of 350MB/s (Based on Sony internal testing, transfer speed may vary and depend on host device).

High capacity storage

Increasing performance
Sony XQD G Series dramatically enhances the capabilities of high-speed burst shooting with DSLR cameras. A Sony unique Speed-Degradation Avoiding Function enables stable recording with 4K video cameras.

Safe and reliable media
The XQD cards are tough enough for extreme conditions and on-location filming. They also feature Sony’s intelligent controllers possessing wear levelling, error correction code and data refresh functions.

Compatible with PXW-Z100, PXW-FS7, FDR-AX1 + Nikon D4 (RAW/video)

Technical Specifications


Format XQD
Capacity 128GB
Max Read Speed 400MB/s
Max Write Speed 350MB/s


£30.00 per day

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