Canon WFT-E6B Transmitter

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The Canon WFT-E6 Wireless File Transmitter offers the ability to wirelessly transmit images from your camera to a computer – it gives enhanced remote capture, media server functionality, linked shooting, plus built-in Bluetooth connection functionality. 

Kit includes



  • IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n compatibility
  • Linked shooting
  • Digital Living Network Alliance (DNLA) compatible
  • WFT Server shooting
  • EOS Utility Mode
  • Built-in Bluetooth transceiver
  • Wireless Time Syncing
  • WiFi Protected Setup (WPS)
  • Internal antenna with range of approximately 150 metres
  • Dust and drip-proof construction to match the EOS-1D X
  • Smaller, lighter and more compact than previous WFT units

Technical Specifications

ieee 802.11a/b/g/n wireless image transfer accessory (IPsec-compatible) with Bluetooth connectivity for GPS deivces    
Wireless LAN      
Standards Compliance IEEE 802.11a    
  IEEE 802.11b    
  IEEE 802.11g    
  IEEE 802.11n    
Transmission Method DS-SS modulation (IEEE 802.11b)    
  OFDM modulation (IEEE 802.11a/g/n)    
Transmission Range Approx. 150 m / 92 ft    
  *With no obstructions between the transmitting and receiving antennas and no radio interference    
  *With a large, high-performance antenna attached to the wireless LAN access point    
Transmission Frequency (central frequency) Frequency Channels  
  2412-2472 MHz Jan-13  
  5180-5320 MHz 36-64  
  5500-5700 MHz 100-140  
Connection Method Infrastructure or ad hoc mode    
  *Wi-Fi Protected Setup supported    
Security Authentication method:O Open shared key, WPA-PSK, and WPA2-PSK    
  Encryption: WEP, TKIP, and AES    
Network Functions      
FTP Transfer Automatic transfer    
  Image selection and transfer    
  Transfer using SET button    
  Transfer with captions    
EOS Utility EOS Utility remote control functions over wireless LAN    
WTF Server Camera control, simple control, basic shooting, image viewing, and downloading    
Media Server DNA compatible    
Linked Shooting Shooting with up to 10 slave cameras linked to a master camera    
  Transmission Range: Approx. 100 m / 328 ft    
Wireless Time Syncing Syncing up to 10 slave cameras to the master camera time    
  Margin of error with master camera: Aprrox. ±0.05 seconds    
Bluetooth Connection      
Standard Compliance Bluetooth 2.0+EDR    
Supported Devices Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth GPS devices    
Number of possible shots      
Connection Normal Temperature (23°C / 73°F) Low Temperature (0°C / 32°F)  
  Wireless LAN 950 750
  Using a fully charged LP-E4N Battery Pack    
  Based on Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) standards    
  Fewer images can be captured when transferring images consecutively over wireless LAN    
Dimensions (W x H x D) 24.7 x 57.0 x 34.1 mm / 0.97 x 2.24 x 1.34 in    
Weight Approx. 38 g / 1.34 oz (body only)    
Operating Environment      
Temperature 0°C - 45°C / 32°F - 113°F    
Humidity 85% or less

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