Carnet Countries

The cost of the carnet is based on a percentage of the equipment value, countries visited and the duration. Please note: A minimum of 48 hours is normally required to prepare a carnet without incuring additional express arrangement fees.

For further carnet information please follow these links:


Feb 25, 2013)
 Algeria  Andorra  Antarctica
 Aruba  Australia  Austria*  Azores (Portugal)

 Balearic Islands

 Belarus  Belgium*

 Bosnia & Herzogovina

 Botswana  Bulgaria*  Canada  Canary Islands
 Ceuta  Chile  China  Corsica
 Cote d'Ivoire  Croatia  Curacao  Cyprus*
 Czech Republic*  Denmark*  Estonia*  European Union
 Faroe Islands  Finland*  France*  French Guiana
 French Polynesia - Tahiti  Germany*  Gibraltar   Greece*
 Greenland  Guadeloupe  Guam  Guernsey
 Hong Kong  Hungary*  Iceland  India
 Iran  Ireland*  Isle of Man  Israel
 Italy*  Ivory Coast (see Cote d'Ivoire)  Japan  Jersey
 Latvia*  Lebanon  Lesotho  Liechtenstein
 Lithuania*  Luxembourg*  Macao  Macedonia
 Madeira  Malaysia  Malta*  Martinique
 Mauritius  Mayotte  Melilla  Mexico
 Miquelon  Moldova, Rep. Of  Monaco  Mongolia
 Montenegro  Morocco  Namibia  Netherlands*
 New Caledonia  New Zealand  Norway  Pakistan
 Poland*  Portugal*  Puerto Rico  Reunion Island
 Romania*  Russia  Saipan  Senegal
 Serbia  Singapore  Slovakia*  Slovenia*
 South Africa  South Korea  Spain*  Sri Lanka
 St. Barthelemy  St. Martin  St. Pierre   Swaziland
 Sweden*  Switzerland Tahiti  Taiwan ††
 Tasmania  Thailand  Tunisia  Turkey
 Turks & Caicos  U.K.*  Ukraine  U.A.E.
 U.S.A.  Wallis & Fortuna Islands    

Soon to be accepting carnets: Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Saudi Arabia.

Countries in black are linked to a Carnet Country Advisory. In a case where more than one advisory applies to a country, the country will be linked to the most current advisory.

"Countries starting with an asterisk are part of the European Union (EU)." If goods are properly imported into one EU carnet country and re-exported from a second EU carnet country, the Carnet holder is unlikely to encounter any claims fees.

† Iran is accepting carnets however US restrictions do not allow a US-issued carnet for Iran.

†† Taiwan requires a separate carnet called a TECRO/AIT carnet.

As always, an ATA Carnet may be used as a Certificate of Registration (CBP CF4455departing and returning to the U.S. regardless of whether the carnet will be used in a carnet or non-carnet country.

List of who to contact in other carnet countries to get a non-US carnet issued.