Engineering Terms and Conditions

Fixed Rate Service
The minimum charge for a service is an hour at £80. A 30 minute bench fee is also available for smaller items to be assessed, such as Microphones, Lenses and Grip items*. The service does not include delivery or collection charges.
We always aim to carry out the service within 24 hours, barring any issues with the kit that we can’t resolve in-house.
Although we stock some spare parts, we may have to source from external suppliers, and the time for the repair will depend on availability of parts from suppliers.
For example, on a camera the service includes:
  • Full visual inspection of the kit - checking for any damage or issues
  • Full function test – including checking the front Element, Iris, Focus Barrel, Zoom, ND Filters, Magnification, Zebras, Peaking, Wave Form Monitor, Full Auto and Playback
  • Full audio test- checking Audio Channels 1 & 2, Internal Microphone, Gain Controls- Auto & Manual.
  • Full output test- checking HD/SDI, Video and HDMI
  • Full power test- checking Batteries, Chargers – powering the camera by DC and charging the Batteries
  • Full record test- checking any Media Cards and Readers, carrying out a 5 minute record test on both card slots on the camera
  • Full cleaning process on Camera – LCD, Body and Viewfinder
  • A full report outlining how the camera/ kit performed during the service will be provided to the client. Flagging up any issues with the kit.
  • The report will also provide recommendations for the client for any services or repairs to bear in mind.
One-off repairs
  • We are able to look at kit that has been reported damaged or faulty such as radio microphones, headphones and tripods
  • We will look at the kit and send you an estimate for the repair, any parts needed and labour charge for how long the repair will take.
  • Once the estimate has been approved, the repair will be carried out and we will provide you with an estimated time of arrival for any ordered parts and when the repair will be finished.
  • We aim to provide updates throughout the repair process via email and telephone.
Instructions for when sending kit to be serviced
  • For first time service jobs you will need to set up an engineering account with The Kit Room -
  • We require customer, account billing details and for you to agree to our terms and conditions. We do not require you to provide trade or character references.
  • Please keep a note of the Model and Serial Number of the product
  • Any product sent for repair must be accompanied by a contact name, address and daytime telephone number.
  • Please ensure that the product is packed properly with sufficient protection to prevent damage during transit.
  • All goods must also be insured for loss or damage in transit.
  • We will need a written description of any faults with the equipment.
Service Replacements
  • We can offer service replacement kit at discounted rates. ( Please note this is subject to availability)
*Any repairs outside above list may incur additional costs. If the camera/ kit does have any major faults which we are unable to repair in-house, or will incur additional costs, The Kit Room will notify you before any work is done. All quotes are provisional.
Terms and Conditions
1. Before any repair estimate/ repair is carried out the client or company must have agreed to our terms and conditions and be set up as an engineering client.
2. All services and repairs carried out by The Kit Room will be carried out to the specification outlined in the estimate, allowing for any spare parts to be ordered in accordance with manufacturer availability.
3. The Kit Room accepts no responsibility for any media or footage sent by the client or company, this includes Tapes, Compact Flash, SD and Micro SD cards left in cameras or card readers.
4. The delivery of spare parts for repairs are always an estimate and can be subject to change due to how quickly the manufacturer is able to dispatch them. We will always endeavor to keep the client informed with a date of arrival or if there are any delays.
5. The Kit Room holds no responsibility for kit sent for a service via external couriers. We are able to provide a courier collection and delivery service with the cost subject to area code. Please note collection and delivery times must be agreed in advanced, we will always aim to collect/ deliver to the specified time requested but this can be subject to change.
6. The Kit Room reserves the right to withdraw from a service or repair.
7. If the client/company refuses an estimate they may incur a refused estimate charge, this is subject to the length of labour time that went in to estimating the repair estimate. We will endeavor to reinstate the equipment to the condition in which they were received before the estimate.
8. Once the service/ repair has been completed we will send you an invoice which can be paid by BACS payment or online through a payment link. This must be paid within the agreed payment terms set up within your account.
9. The Kit Room warrants that once the service/ repair has been completed the equipment is of satisfactory quality. All repairs are guaranteed for 6 months from completion. This guarantee does not cover accidental damage, modifications, misuse, tampering or further repair.
10. The Kit Room is not liable for any fault arising from misuse, abuse or failure to maintain the equipment as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.
11. The placement of any service or repair deems that the client/ company has read, understood and accepted our terms and conditions

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