Freefly MoVi Pro

Freefly MoVi Pro

  • Movi Pro cage 
  • Top handle
  • 6 movi batteries
  • 6 movi chargers
  • Mimic controller
  • Mimic cables
  • Top and bottom mount plates
  • Smallrig 30mm
  • 15mm pop n lock tray
  • Pop n lock tray
  • Velcro
  • Lightweight 15mm bars adapter (for bottom plate)
  • 2x 15mm bars (30cm)
  • 1x 15mm bar (12cm)
  • 1x 15mm bar (7cm)
  • 1x 15mm bar (5cm)
  • Peli case


  • Multiple high quality MEMS sensors with full calibration (Cross-Axis, Temperature, Scale, Alignment)
  • Ublox GPS module coupled with high performance helical antenna for precise positioning data
  • 3-axis Compass for accurate heading information
  • Barometer provides reliable and precise altitude estimates
  • Floating point processors and high speed sensors enable 60dB performance at 1Hz


  • Custom designed direct drive brushless motors – incredible torque in a lightweight package
  • 15 bit, high-resolution encoders allow for unparalleled stabilization and motion control (timelapse, path planning, panorama etc)
  • Online temperature estimation allows max power / performance while protecting motors from overheating
  • 360°/ sec pan/tilt/roll rate + 1000°/ sec base motion
  • Double the continuous pan torque of Movi Gen 1

Motor Drives

  • Silent sine drive technology - smooth, precise, fast, closed loop control of pan / tilt / roll axes
  • Sine Drive motor controls update motor torque at 32KhZ
  • Fast, reliable CAN bus communication protocol

Software (* some features to be enabled in future FW updates)

  • Majestic Mode
  • Auto-tune
  • Timelapse
  • Motion control
  • Path planning
  • Auto tracking / Follow me mode
  • Height assist
  • High Bandwidth Data logging / Visualization / Camera sync
  • Shot quality indicator

Integrated 3-Axis Lens Control

  • World's smallest 3 axis lens control built into camera stage
  • Precise and integrated control of Focus, Iris, Zoom
  • Focus, Iris, Zoom all key frameable for timelapse / motion control

Mimic Controller

  • Precise and natural control of the MōVI using Freefly’s innovative MIMIC technology
  • Camera automatically and intuitively follows users movements

Integration with Top Cameras

  • Full integration with RED Cameras / Sony / Canon Cinema cameras (power / start stop)
  • Full integration with RED RCP protocol to allow control of EF lenses, ISO, Frame rate, etc all from 600ft away

Tracking/Follow Me

  • MIMIC sensor can be used to allow the MōVI to auto point / track a subject
  • MoVI can track a GPS coordinate autonomously (from UAV / Moving object)

Intelligent Power

  • Multitude of power outputs GCU (1 Camera D-Tap, 2 12v D-taps,)
  • Intelligent battery with status indications

Stand Less Usage

  • Integrated stand allows for easy set down and balance
  • Integrated stand for fast timelapse / motion control usage

Easy Eye Level Shooting

  • Eye level shooting easier with gimbal orientation and MōVI Ring Pro

Embedded Screen

  • Embedded screen on the back of the MōVI Pro gives user quick access to vital information such as estimated battery usage, status information, and ability to alter configuration on the fly
  • 4 buttons let user navigate through simple built-in app such as quickly starting auto-tune, switching modes and checking balance on the go.

MōVI Pro 345 x 345 x 432mm (L*W*H)
Camera Cage 196 x 200 x 165mm (L*W*H)
Pan Range of Motion ±360º Continuous Rotation
Tilt Range of Motion +165º to -90º
Roll Range of Motion +/-60º
Max Tilt/Roll Rate 360º/s
Max Pan Rate 360º/s
Weight 2.65kg
Max Payload 6.80kg
Max Operating Speed* 100kph
Operating Temperatures -20° to 50°C
Ingress Protection (IP) (5) Dust Protected (2) Water spray @ 15º
Mounting System Freefly Toad In The Hole (TITH) Quick Release
Data Logging Rate 5, 10, and 25 Hz
Connections Bluetooth Low Energy v4.2 and 2.4GHz Custom FHSS Radio
Max Pan Motor Torque 0.72 N m
Max Tilt/Roll Motor Torque 0.51 N m
Motor Type Direct-drive 3 phase Brushless
Data Storage microSD
Port Types GCU ports -
COM1, 12V, COM 2
TSU Ports -
LTC Timecode In/Out, EXP, CANbus + Battery Voltage, CAM
12-14V CAM, 12V AUX
F,I,Z, USB Type C
Nominal Battery Voltage 22.2V
Max Battery Voltage 25.2V
Battery Size 1800 mAh
Cells 6 Cells
Max Battery Quantity 2 Battery
Min Battery Quantity 1 Battery
Max Continuous Discharge Rate (Per Pack) 8-10A
Max Peak Discharge Rate (Per Pack) 20-25A
Run Time (One Battery w/o Camera) 130 Min
Run Time (One Battery + Powered Camera) 40 Min
Run Time (Two Battery + Powered Camera) 80 Min