Going Green - The Kit Room is Carbon Neutral!

By RW on 19th Aug 2019

The Kit Room has achieved Carbon Neutral Certification and is now an Albert Approved Supplier – one of the first broadcast rental companies in the UK to do so.

The stamp of approval comes after an in-depth audit of our operations by a government-approved validating company, and gives official recognition to the ongoing work we have done to improve continually how environmentally friendly we can be in our day to day operations.

The new Carbon Neutral certificate means we are now even better placed to support our clients in the production community achieve their own targets for reducing their environmental impact under the Albert Sustainable Production scheme.

Created by the BBC, and now run by BAFTA, the Albert certification is designed to help productions track and tackle their environmental impact with the long-term goal of encouraging, and enabling the industry to eliminate waste and carbon emissions altogether.

Most major UK broadcasters now require productions to gain Albert certification before their shows can be broadcast, with the hope that other distributors will also soon follow suit.

As a supplier, The Kit Room has always been responsive to our clients’ needs – as well as our responsibilities within the wider community. Gaining Carbon Neutral certification was a logical fit.

‘’It’s about servicing our clients as well as doing our civic – and, as citizens, self-interested – duty,’’ said James Bridgford, Head of Rentals at The Kit Room/DV Talent. ‘’With the arrival of Albert, there’s a genuine pressure on productions to step up in terms of their green credentials.’’

‘’We are a key part of the production supply chain, so it’s imperative we do our bit. Clients coming to us know that they are that much better placed to get Albert approval.’’

The audit was carried out by validating and offsetting company Carbon Footprint Ltd, who are also used by global companies such as Ikea, Duetsche Bank and Pfizer.

It found that The Kit Room already had good environmental policies in place and a carbon footprint that was significantly below the national average.

‘’Over the years we’ve gone out of our way to be as green as possible, including switching to green energy suppliers, using low energy LED lighting, and encouraging our staff to bike or take public transport to work,’’ said Bridgford. ‘’In terms of day to day operations, we’ve removed all sealed plastic from our equipment kits, started using recycled paper for the printers and have begun to implement a paperless booking system.’’

To offset the small remaining carbon footprint, The Kit Room has invested in a Certified Emissions Reduction Scheme run by Carbon Footprint.

And this is only a stepping stone in the ongoing journey.

Having completed a Bafta-led training scheme, Bridgford is committed to supporting clients and suppliers reduce their carbon footprint. ‘’It’s about setting an example of how we can have a positive effect on the environment, in an industry that currently has a large impact on the world - all whilst continuing to provide fantastic service to our clients!’’