FS7-2 review

By Matt Born on 14th Nov 2017

I am going to start with the cameras name.  Sony are NOT calling this a mark 2, they are pitching it as more like a ‘plus’ model.  They are calling it FS7-2 or FS7-M2. They are keen to say FS7 is not being replaced, and there are no current plans to do any trade-ins.

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By Matt Born on 1st Jan 2017

The Kit Room didn’t get much interest in the GH4 camera, so I never really looked at it in depth.

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By Matt Born on 9th Mar 2017

In its February issue Televisual released its annual top 10 listing of the UK’s most hired camera’s. Now in its eleventh year there has been a shake up at the top of the list revealing that after four years on top the Canon C300 has been taken over by Sony’s PMW-FS7

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